AVTA is developing a regional mobility plan and we want to hear from you!

AVTA provides local bus service, dial-a-ride service, and commuter bus service to nearly 10,000 riders each day. AVTA strives to enable mobility in the Antelope Valley safely, timely and cost effectively.

We know that AVTA needs to do better—AVTA needs to provide more useful and reliable service in markets that can support successful fixed-route transit, while also developing new ways to empower mobility in other markets. By providing more attractive and useful services, more people will come to rely, trust and ride AVTA to move around the Antelope Valley and beyond.

How can AVTA improve service and attract more riders?

Our review of the market and current transit service have uncovered several issues and areas for improvement such as:

  • More frequent service along key corridors. In fact, AVTA will soon pilot 15-minute service along Route 1 for weekdays
  • More reliable service, particularly to facilitate connections or transfers between vehicles
  • Reinvesting low productivity service into places where more service is needed and can be more productive. For example, most commuter trips into downtown Los Angeles operate with buses that are half empty. Consolidating trips and redesigning service could speed up service and attract more riders, while freeing resources for other parts of the community.
  • Improving the customer experience at busy stops by providing shelters and benches. Over 20% of stops that see 30 or more daily boardings do not have shelters, and in total, only 37% of all bus stops have a shelter.

To better understand current challenges and how to design service to meet current and future needs, we now need your input to help us develop a plan that reflects your preferences and how you travel.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey. No information will be shared and all information is confidential and used solely for the purposes of the AVTA Future Mobility Study.

The Survey

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